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Dear Philadelphia

Dear Philadelphia introduces three African American fathers - Josh, Mel and Dot - who with the help of their family, friends and faith unravel the incomparable partnership of forgiveness and community. Whilst walking through the intimate truths of life that can sometimes become a barrier, the film is a reminder that hope can be found in all situations. From its choice of colour to the music, the film poetically explores the beauty and strength in the often demonised North Philadelphia neighbourhood.


International Premier- Sundance Film Festival 

Best Documentary Jury Award at Blackstar Film Festival 

Qualified for an Oscar and BAFTA 2021

Available to watch on BFI Player

Dirt in the Diamond

Dirt in the Diamond is a short film, set in 1970’s London. It explores the duality of grief and celebration within the mourning period of Jamaican culture. The evening is introduced through the eyes of 12 year old Jerome at his first nine night, after the loss of his friend. Before subtly shifting the gaze to a mother and father in mourning. The film pays homage through its style and use of archival footage, to the generations before us. Highlighting the intentionality of preserving their customs, traditions and communities after immigrating to the UK and enduring the difficulties that came with it, whilst still making it home.

International Premier- Tribeca Film Festival

Available to watch on Nowness

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